Geographical indications of Ukraine

It is all about history, traditions, culture, both the past and the future of Ukraine Ukrainian GIs

Why geographical indications are important?

  • History, traditions, culture

    The peculiarity of goods with geographical indications is a unique combination of local natural conditions (climate, soil, species of animals and plants, traditional equipment, etc.) and cultural values of a particular area (traditions, skills), which are passed down from generation to generation. This combination creates a special relationship between the area, the goods produced there and the locals. Traditional knowledge and skills of local people, as well as traditional cultural expressions, can be preserved by registering geographical indications.

  • Sustainability

    GI goods are not only interesting and unique products on the market. Their production can contribute to the preservation of biological diversity, protection of cultural heritage, socio-cultural development, in particular by increasing employment and income in rural and small towns, as well as the development of food and gastronomy.

    The promotion of GIs has a positive effect on the agri-food system and contributes to economic, socio-cultural and environmental sustainability.

  • Ukraine

    Ukrainian goods with geographical indications are more than just goods. They embody the history, life, traditions and culture of Ukrainians. They are as much a part of Ukrainian culture as works of art. Melitopol cherries, Kherson watermelon, Hutsul bryndza sheep, Petrykivka painting, Krolevets towels are all about Ukraine.

Ukrainian GIs on the map

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What we do

  • Research

    We conduct research/applied research in the field of geographical indications and traditional food products. Our NGO examine and disseminate experience in the production and promotion GIs goods and traditional food products of other countries.

  • Educational projects

    We organize and implement educational projects to promote knowledge of GIs and the importance of goods with geographical indications for sustainable development.
    We are willing to increase the professionalism and competence of GIs producers, as well as associations of producers.

  • Producers support

    We support the establishment of producers associations and strengthen their capacity to register and protect geographical indications.

    Our team implement projects for the exchange of experience in the production of GIs goods between Ukrainian and foreign producers.

    We advise producers and producers associations on the preparation of product specifications for GIs products and the procedure for GIs registration.

  • Ukrainian GIs Promotion

    Together with producers and stakeholders, we develop collective marketing strategies for GIs products in order to enhance their added value.

    We are building partnerships with representatives of cultural and tourism sectors in order to promote Ukrainian GIs products and traditional food staff as objects of gastronomic tourism, oenogastronomic cultural heritage and the brand of Ukraine.

  • New GIs registration

    We assist in identifying goods with the potential to register a geographical indication and the local resources needed to produce them.

    We provide advice on the procedure for registration of GIs.

  • GIs protection

    We are developing strategies to prevent the exploitation and abuse of the reputation of GIs registered in Ukraine, including GIs of other countries. We are always ready to advise, assist and accompany producers from any other countries if they are in need for help and support within the frames of Ukrainian jurisdiction.

Our partners

  • Майстерня ГЗ

    Майстерня ГЗ

    Якщо у Вашій місцевості наявні унікальні харчові продукти або сільськогосподарські культури, особлива якість яких обумовлена географічним місцем походження – давайте спільно міркувати про географічні зазначення для них.

    Ми допоможемо Вам з ідентифікацією, дослідимо потенціал продукту, підкажемо як визначити зону його виробництва та розробити вимоги, дотримання яких дозволить досягти особливої якості.

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  • Partnership


    The Partner Status of the Organization is a special status under our Charter, which is granted to individuals and legal entities. We are open to partnership with everyone who shares our goals and activities. Together we can do more in the field of GIs. Contact us and we will definitely agree on cooperation.

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