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Hutsul cow bryndza is made from the milk of local breeds of cows (with the addition of no more than 30% milk of Ukrainian mountain Carpathian sheep or milk of mountain goats), which graze from mid-May to late September in the polonyna (meadow) at an altitude of at least 700 m above the sea level.

Hutsul cow bryndza is made only in the Carpathian highlands from the milk of local breeds of animals. Due to the natural environment, Hutsul cow bryndza has a rich taste and is different from any other product.

Hutsul cow bryndza is made exclusively by hand using traditional wooden tools.

Hutsul cow bryndza has a special taste, as it is made from the milk of animals that consume the best herbs in the meadows of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

During the milking period from mid-May to the end of September, the herd feeds only on grass in the Ukrainian Carpathians. In winter the animals are fed hay, crushed barley and wheat. It is forbidden to add to the diet genetically modified foods or foods that may affect the taste of milk (cabbage, canola, turnips and beets). At least 80% of winter fodder must come from the production area.

Hutsul cow bryndza production contributes not only to the preservation of local traditions, culinary heritage, but also to the development of the agricultural sector and the economy of the region. This product has a very strong connection with the territory, because Hutsul cow bryndza can be made only from the milk of animals that graze in the polonyna. Locals have inherited the tradition of making bryndza and pass it on from generation to generation. Thus, there is a close connection between the product, the place and the locals.


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