Hutsul sheep bryndzya

Hutsul sheep bryndzya is unique fragrant sheep cheese of the Ukrainian Carpathians. This cheese has been produced by Hutsuls – the inhabitants of the highland Carpathians for centuries. The traditions of polonyna farming are carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Hutsul sheep bryndzya is produced only in the summertime during 120 days from the mid May to mid September, when sheep of local (aboriginal) mountain Carpathian breed graze in the polonynas (meadows). Every day shepherds wake up at 5 am and travel with a herd of sheep at least 10-15 km. Fresh milk, filled with the aromas of Carpathians herbs and flowers, is processed into a delicious and healthy cheese.

Hutsul sheep bryndzya is made exclusively by hand and can be made only in the Carpathian highlands, from the milk of a hardy but unproductive breed of sheep, which explains its high cost.

Hutsul sheep bryndzya has a special rich taste, unlike any other, so it can be a source of new taste discoveries for gourmets.

In order to protect and promote their product, the producers established the Association of Producers of Traditional Carpathian Highland Cheeses and in 2018 registered a geographical indication for Hutsul sheep bryndzya made in the Carpathian highlands, which became the first Ukrainian geographical indication for foodstuffs.

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