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Grapes grown on the lands of Tavria have special qualities different from grapes of other regions of Ukraine

The name “Tavria” was registered for wines and cognacs of Ukraine, which originate from the territory, located in the northern part of Kherson region, on the left bank of the Dnieper, southwest of Nova Kakhovka.

Grapes grown in the lands of Tavria have different from the grapes of other regions aroma: Aligote has the aroma of dull tones, which is not typical for this variety; Rkatsiteli does not have honey tones, unlike in Crimea, tones of fresh wildflowers, steppe tones appear; Cabernet – has light saffron, solanaceous and saffron tones.

The main special feature of cognacs of Ukraine Tavria is the diverse floral aromas, which is manifested by the freshness of steppe flowers in the bouquet of ordinary cognacs of Ukraine. The complex aromas of vintage cognacs of Ukraine has the aromas of cut wildflowers, which give off their aroma on a hot afternoon.

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