Ukrainian geographical indications in the process of registration

Ukrainian geographical indications in the process of registration

“FRUMUSHYKA VALLEY” – for white, red and rosé wines, which are produced exclusively from grapes grown within the geographical area “Frumushyka Valley” (southwestern part of Odessa region);

“KHERSON WATERMELON” – Kherson watermelons are grown on sandy soils of the Tavria region in Kakhovka, Kherson, Skadovsk districts of Kherson region. The combination of selection achievements and climatic conditions of the Kherson region have created optimal conditions for obtaining fruits, which are characterized by high yields and unique taste qualities;

“DANUBE BESARABIA” – for wines and sparkling wines produced from grapes identified by the relevant varieties and originating in at least 85 per cent of this geographical area;

“YALPUG” – for wines made from grapes grown around Lake Yalpug (the largest natural lake of the estuary type in Ukraine) in the southwestern part of the Bolgrad district of Odessa region);

“HONEY OF TRANSCARPATHIAN / TRANSCARPATHIAN HONEY” – for monofloral or polyfloral honey, the special qualities of which are formed due to the specific honey-bearing flora of the Transcarpathian region.

“FRUMUSHKA LAMB”/ “MEAT OF FRUMUSHKA LAMB” – for lamb, which has a reputation for unique meat obtained from certain breeds of sheep grazing in the Tarutyn steppe. At least 60 per cent of the fodder is grass or hay originating in the geographical area;

“TRANSCARPATHIAN / TRANSCARPATHIAN WINE” – for wines made from certain grape varieties grown exclusively in a certain geographical area (slopes of the Carpathian Mountains of the Transcarpathian region) (Berehovo, Uzhhorod, Khust and Mukachevo districts);

“ASHA-ABAG” – for wines and sparkling wines, which are made from raw materials of at least 85 per cent of which are grown in a certain area around the village of Shabo, Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky district along the right bank of the Dniester estuary.

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